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"It's not how much we have,

but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness"

- Charles Spurgeon

Why Therapy?

How Can Therapy Help Me?

Your Whole Life Can Change! Every single day, people are realizing the incredible benefits of working with a professional therapist. In fact, it shows an incredible amount of self-awareness for someone to realize when they need additional support in their life. With each of my clients, we work together to develop a distinctive plan to help you produce the changes in your life that you've always wanted. You can look forward to each week knowing that you will have all the tools you could ever need, for any situation in life.

What are the benefits for my child or teen?

Studies have shown that therapy can benefit children and adolescents in many different ways! Your child will learn to communicate better with others, express feelings more effectively, modify unhealthy behaviors, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others. Research has shown that Psychoeducational therapy can also raise a child's IQ. 


Child & Adolescent COUNSELING

Individual THERAPY


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